Saturday, March 19, 2011

Congratulations to our Graduates

Class 2013
  • Meneth de Baguio
  • Rosette Fernandez
  • Princess Rabino
  • Jhunace Planea
  • Gerald Piñero Dicen
  • Carl Garcia
Class 2012
  • Niña Rose Abiquibil
  • Ma. Roxan Abiquibil
  • Rhys Montecillo
  • Haidee Manaay
  • Kate Vergaño
  • Rhea Fe Sinajon
  • William Robert Yasi
  • Louis Maravilla
  • Thomas Villegas
  • Zyriel Abejero
  • Lethur Crispo
  • Catalino Dael

Class 2011
  • Jonathan Andro Tan
  • Izzy Roxas Maxino
  • Algrace Bellingan
  • Reuel Norman Marigza, Jr.
  • Zarujo Girasol (MS)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SU hosts the 33rd Annual National Physics Convention

Philippine Physics Society (PPS)

33rd Annual National Physics Seminar-Workshop Convention

24th National Physics Olympics & 19th National Physics Fair

April 6 - 9, 2011

Silliman University, Dumaguete City

Theme: Physics and Environmental Well-Being

Friday, February 18, 2011

Community Work at GK2

The Silliman University Physics Department Faculty and Staff, as well as the 4th year BS Physics students, spent the morning in the GK2 (Gawad Kalinga) community in Bahumpandan. The 4th year students gave lectures on disaster awareness and preparedness in the context of floods, earthquakes, and thunderstorms. Doctor Bandal also gave a brief overview on global warming and why we must be concerned. The discussion between the residents and the faculty was interesting and the residents were quick to share their experiences regarding the different disaster situations.

Afterwards, the group proceeded to the Bandal residence for lunch which was followed by a devotion. The devotion revolved in an interesting retrospect of faith and physics.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Physics Promotion and Radiation Mapping

The 3rd year and fourth year BS physics students, along with the BS physics students from Maxino college went around Negros to promote physics to schools as well as to do radiation measurement.

photo credits: Izzy Roxas Maxino

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Physics T-shirt design for SY 2010-2011


here we have the front cover where we use Star Wars' R2D2 to show a hologram of a marquee saying "May the Force be with you," where force is translated to mass times acceleration.

 Here is the back design. A transmutation circle-like image that shows fundamental equations in electrostatics between the potential, the electric field and the charge. Incorporated also into the design is the JPPS logo as well as the PPS logo.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lecture-Forum on Climate Change

Last Tuesday, August 24, 2010, the Physics department organized a lecture-forum on climate change, held at the multimedia center of Silliman University. The main lecture was led by Dr. Clare Cabahug Maxino, Ph.D. in Physical Geography at Macquarie University, New South Wales, Australia. Her lecture was entitled:

"An Introduction to Climate Change and Climate Modelling"

Discussions on Risk Management involved with climate change was done after by Dr. Gerardo C. Maxino, Ph.D.

The lecture was attended by students from Maxino college, faculty and students of the SU physics department, and students from the chemistry department.

Dr. Clare discussed important details on climate change, as well as clarify terms that are usually misused by climate change skeptics. The students were given a brief overview on climate studies and basic climate models.

During the open-forum, different questions were raised by the students and faculty members, both physics and non-physics. One of Dr. Clare's closing remarks during the open forum stressed the importance of facts and data, "You have all the science, but it all boils down to how you use the science."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

SU Physics is visited by GF Micro Optics

By Algrace Bellingan

"Last July 29, 2010, GF Micro Optics Philippines Incorporated came to visit, for the very first time, Silliman University's Physics Department. The company, who was represented by Mr. Rodolfo Aguilar (Section Head, Human Resources Management and General Affairs), and Mr. Errol Stanley Bitera (General Manager for Operations), gave a short presentation of their company and the purpose of their visit. The representatives were accompanied by SUFA president Dr. Evangeline Aguilan (Career and Placement Office).

Mr. Rodolfo Aguilar spoke first; briefly introducing their company. The company dates back in 1998 as NSG Philippines Incorporated, where it had the Glass Disk Division and the Micro Optics Division. In 2003, the company became NSG Micro Optics Philippines. And just last year, the company became GF (GoFoton) Micro Optics Philippines Inc. Presently, the company said to be the only ISO 9001:2000 Certified manufacturer of materials, components and devices for fiber optics telecommunications in the Philippines. It has around 577 employees and is still continuously increasing since it is hiring more and more operators and engineers for the company's expansion.

Mr. Errol Stanley Bitera, who is also surprisingly an alumnus of Silliman University, discussed the purpose of their visit. He presented the problems which their company is currently facing, along with the counter measures they have done and their proposed solutions as well. Among the company's objective was to develop a good relationship and possible partnership with the Academe through the top schools of the country. They tapped with top institutions since they wanted to hire competitive engineers in the future which could be great assets for the company's success. Also, they visited top institutions to introduce their company and make people aware of the existence of a fiber optic company in the country. Moreover, they would like more people to appreciate the fiber optic technology used for telecommunications.

The presentation took approximately 45 minutes, yet it was filled with important facts which the company ought to hand the students and faculty. Their visit was welcomed by the Dr. Hope Bandal, the faculty and students of the physics department."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SU Physics Orientation

The Silliman University Physics Department had their Orientation last June 30, 2010 at the Maxino Beach House. The students got to be acquainted with each other and with the faculty members. Also, the freshmen students were introduced and welcomed as well as informed of department policies. Dr. Gerardo Maxino, former chair of the SU Physics department (now handling SU's Physics 93 at Maxino college), gave a welcoming address discussing the importance of Physics, and the focus for Physics in the Visayas and Mindanao area (Philippine Physics Society).

The physics majors and faculty enjoyed the food, jokes, games and the beach as they formally open a new school year for physics.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Telescopes and the Night Sky

Last June 17, the JPPS organized a clean-up of the astrodeck in line with its opening as a fundraising event for the upcoming Founder's day. The usual telescopes were set-up along side two of the old and unused telescopes of the department. After participating in the national astronomy olympiad, I came to learn how to use and maximize all of the department's telescopes.

The first, and the crowd favorite, is the Celestron 8 or what we call the "Big Bertha". It is an 8-inch reflector, the biggest aperture in the department.
Second, is the Celestron Firstscope 114 C with an equatorial mount. In terms of magnification, this has the highest magnifying power. Also a reflector.
Third, is the Celestron Nexstar 130 GT. This computerized reflector telescope is good for showing off to students although hard to maneuver.

Fourth, is the department's old refractor telescope. A long telescope by Edscorp. We still have a few problems with its equatorial mount, however it is still functional.
Fifth, is another reflector by Anchor. There are few problems with its optics although they are very manageable. It's equatorial mount's performance when it comes to tracking has proven to be good also.

With all scopes manageable we are expecting to delight more students as it has delighted the JPPS with the view of the Moon's craters and Saturn's rings. We also enjoyed the meteors and lightning storms of last Thursday's testing session - enjoyed too much that I forgot about my meeting from 5-8pm (I arrived 8pm ^_^).

I also began to orient the volunteers last Saturday (19) on assembly and use of the telescopes.

Our first scheduled viewing was last Monday, a cloudy evening. It just goes to prove that the weather can be really uncooperative despite the weather forecasts. We will be having another session tomorrow (June 24) and on June 26 for the Partial Lunar Eclipse. Hoping for clear skies!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Exploring the Night Sky

As part of the JPPS's fund raising activities for the upcoming Founder's day celebrations, the JPPS invites you to a night under the stars. The Astro-Meteo Observatory deck will be open on June 21, 24 and 26 from 7-9 PM.

Monday, June 7, 2010

SUPHYSICS Welcomes New Faculty

In line with the memorandum from CHED, Silliman University is implementing the no non-MS policy. Since the physics department has a limited number of MS Physics faculty members, special arrangements have been made. First of all, SU is continuing it's special arrangement with the Maxino college. And also, the Physics Department welcomes a new faculty member from UP.

Mr. Christian Lorenz Mahinay.
Mr. Mahinay, from Iligan city, finished his undergraduate studies in UP (BS Applied Physics - Instrumentation) and took his MS Physics in the same institution. He specializes in Plasma physics and has recently finished his defense of his masters' thesis.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Batch 2010

The JPPS would like to congratulate our new physicists:

Louie Jay Amante
Kris Marie Torres
Evelyn Alderite
Jan Ina Ho
Nizza Charmagne Baylosis
Dyck Nouven Cedino

Congratulations! We are proud of you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Physics Day Pics

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silliman University wins National Astronomy Olympiad

Last February 19, 2010, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), in cooperation with UP National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (NISMED), held the National level of the IYA 2009 Philippine Astronomy Olympiad. The competition was held at the UP NISMED auditorium in UP Diliman.

The regional representative (region 7) for the college level was from Silliman University (regional eliminations were held at the Applied Nutrition Center, Cebu city, Jan 21, 2010), while the high-school representatives were from Philippine Science High-School (PSHS) in Argao, Cebu.

The first place of the college level was awarded to Silliman University (Reuel Norman A. Marigza, Jr.) and for the high-school level, region 5 (PSHS). The second place for the college level was from NCR (UP Diliman; Terry Joan Salaga), followed by region 12 (MSU; Candy Mae Cabayao) and region 11 (USEP; Jay Ar Ronda).

Among the awards is a plaque to Silliman University for its outstanding contribution to the promotion of astronomy education. The National winners of the high-school level will proceed to China for the International Astronomy Olympiad.

Check out the UP NISMED report.