The Astronomy and Meteorology Laboratory of Silliman University.
In 2005, the physics department began to revive the use of this lab and acquired two new telescopes (Celestron's Nexstar 130GT and Firstscope 114C) aside from the 3 other previously purchased telescopes. Silliman University is one of the very few school's in the Philippines that actually owns its own telescopes. The JPPS have, since then, been actively using this facility for stargazing events. Also for the first time, undergraduate thesis are being developed in the astronomy and meteorology fields.

SU Physics Department's Telescopes

EdsCorp refractor

Celestron Nexstar 130GT

Anchor Optics 6" reflector

Celestron C8

Celestron Firstscope 114C
JPPS Stargazing Sessions

Public Observation of Partial Lunar Eclipse

AstroNights 2010

IYA 2009 Exploring the Night Sky

2007 Geminids Meteor Shower